Spread the word

If these ideas resonate please inform others — either by incorporating various points in things you say or posting the website address grandalliance.uk in any communication.

Unfortunately, this is not straightforward …

  • Letters to newspapers have to compete for attention with the numerous other letters that editors receive. And editors can cut bits out either to shorten the letter or remove content they wish to de-emphasize, such as website addresses .
  • Emails to sympathetic journalists and/or academics seems an obvious route, but it is difficult to get through to journalists or their teams. Obviously they are bombarded with communications and must operate selectively to compile the the ideas they wish to communicate. Academics may be somewhat less bombarded than journalists, but contacting them can encounter similar problems to some extent.
  • Sending emails to sympathetic politicians is worth trying because they will have greater access to their parties’ machinery. But it is understandable that even sympathetic and open-minded politicians take steps to limit the the deluge of communications confronting them.
  • Emails to political pressure groups would appear worthwhile because many of them are already promoting electoral pacts, PR and/or a progressive alliance (but not a grand alliance). These groups tend to discourage direct contact and are not inclined to promote ideas that differ from their own.
  • Using Twitter, potentially the great engine of free speech, is like tossing stuff into a huge pool of other stuff with virtually no chance of it being looked at.
  • Contacting politicians and journalists directly through Twitter is often futile because Twitter enables them to switch off the means of direct communication — they can talk to us, but not us to them.
  • Posts in online newspaper forums to comment on published articles can work if the posting is done soon after the article is published online. If left, however, often the thread is ‘closed for comment’.

… so one has to be persistent.

You might find more success with these approaches than we have. And you may have other approaches that we have not thought of.

Do what you can to communicate the idea of a grand alliance of opposition parties. Link people to our website address grandalliance.uk to communicate these arguments if that helps. Hopefully, the idea of a grand alliance of opposition parties can become part of the conversation and reach enough people to become a serious proposition as the way to defeat Johnson’s Tories and secure a fair and prosperous democratic future for the United Kingdom, before it truly is too late.