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A Grand Alliance for UK Democracy

Under Johnson’s Tory Party, the UK is veering towards becoming a one-party state and will be exposed to the consequences that stem from this erosion of democracy. Even when the Tory Party plummets in popularity, its unique capacity to reconfigure itself from its various factions enables it to come back again and again. It can present an acceptable face to the electorate then, back in power, revert to the direction required by its ruthless right wing and its self-serving instincts. With minority support amongst the electorate, it can use ‘first-past-the-post’ elections to its advantage for as long as opposition parties refuse to work together.

This website considers the idea of opposition parties collaborating to form a grand alliance to fight the next general election – a single cooperating party, not just an electoral pact – to gain power, introduce proportional representation and other reforms to maintain democracy and then, using the greater range of talents currently in opposition, address urgent issues facing the UK, such as the climate crisis. The grand alliance should then revert to separate party status, in a context in which parties can then continue to have influence by contesting elections under a properly democratic system of proportional representation.

The grand alliance we are proposing is NOT the same as a “progressive alliance”. We consider ‘progressive alliance’ to be a woolly term, describing anything from a new long-term party, an electoral pact, or less formal local agreements between parties. For the reasons we give on this website, we believe a grand alliance would be much surer to succeed than any of these arrangements, as a means both of defeating the Tories and of ensuring the long-term survival of UK democracy.

This suggestion is not designed to favour any political party. It is simply designed to establish an electoral system where no unjustified electoral advantage can be gained by a party in power, and to create government that properly reflects the will and the interests of the people.