Our motivation

We started thinking that a grand alliance should be considered, alongside pacts, progressive alliances, informal tactical voting and improvements to opposition party performance to ensure the UK doesn’t have a Tory government in perpetuity and degenerate into a right-wing, one-party failed state. We approached journalists, politicians, and pressure groups, and wrote to newspapers, but got little or no response from any of those groups who control access to the debate.

We are not journalists, politicians, political scientists or members of pressure groups, and so cannot contribute to this debate on our own account. Nor do we have funds to support communicating these ideas to others. So we decided instead to focus on developing the arguments for a grand alliance to clarify our thinking and make the best case we could, then put the argument into the public domain in these webpages. Having now completed the website and our arguments, we now believe a grand alliance is the surest way not only of avoiding a Tory government in perpetuity, but also of saving UK democracy itself.

We have tried to avoid expressing any preferences concerning policy, focusing instead on matters of how UK governments are elected to best reflect the choices of the electorate, and to best serve the population’s interests.

Having, thus, presented the case for a grand alliance on this website, we can do little more than hope other people find their way to the site in order to consider the ideas.